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How Does Insurance for Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles Work?

Anyone thinking about converting their vehicle for wheelchair-accessible use or picking up a pre-converted wheelchair-accessible van will naturally start thinking about wheelchair van insurance. In most ways, this works just like regular car insurance, but we’ve put together a quick overview of some basics you should take into consideration. Contact Us How Does Car Insurance...

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Quick Guide to Dating in a Wheelchair

Dating can be complicated with or without a wheelchair. But, there are certain considerations that go into dating when you or your date are in a wheelchair. Explore our quick guide to dating in a wheelchair to learn some things you should consider as you enter the dating world. Contact Us How to Date Someone...

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Is Las Vegas Wheelchair Accessible?

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and thanks to its excellent wheelchair accessibility, you’ll be glad you stayed! Las Vegas is one of the United States’ most accessible cities, offering easy transportation, comforting accommodations, and plenty of entertainment options to delight any tourist looking for a memorable adventure. Wheelchair-Accessible CitiesContact Us Transportation While the...

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Wheelchair-Accessible Toyota Sienna Interior

 The interior of our wheelchair-accessible Toyota Sienna comes loaded with a wide range of comfort features and advanced technologies for you to enjoy rides of any length, whether you’re in Chicago, Illinois or New York City, New York. Explore the comfort and technology features of the Sienna, as well as its accessibility information, with the team at Freedom Motors USA Accessible...

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What Sports Can You Play in a Wheelchair?

There is a wide variety of sports that you can play in a wheelchair. With some modifications to the rules, you can play sports such as basketball, tennis, and even hockey, among others. Some of these sports can be played in a manual wheelchair, while others require an electric wheelchair. Either way, you’ll find that...

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How Much Does a New Wheelchair Cost?

The average cost of a new wheelchair is between $500 and $1,500, but it really depends upon what kind of wheelchair you’re shopping for. You can find manual wheelchairs priced as low as $100, while the cost of a power wheelchair can be as high as $30,000. Keep in mind that the cost of a...

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How Wheelchair-Accessible is Washington D.C.?

The United States is the land of the free, and our nation’s capital lives up to that motto by being one of the most wheelchair accessible cities in the country, if not the world. Washington D.C. is full of monuments, history, museums, and art, not to mention the White House, Capital Building, and Supreme Court....

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Wheelchair-Accessible Dodge Grand Caravan Interior

Whether driving across town or heading out on an epic road trip, our wheelchair-accessible Dodge Grand Caravan offers a spacious and versatile interior loaded with the comfort and convenience features that will enhance your ride. Learn more about the interior and accessibility features of the Grand Caravan in this guide from Freedom Motors USA. Accessible Dodge Grand...

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Transport Chair vs. Wheelchair

To the uninitiated, a transport chair and a wheelchair may look very similar. However, there are quite a few key differences between the two. The primary difference is that in a standard wheelchair you can propel yourself, while a transport chair requires another person to push it from behind. Learn more about the differences in...

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How to Adjust to Life in a Wheelchair

Facing life in a wheelchair is a dramatic change and presents many challenges. Learning to accept the reality of the situation and to move on isn’t always easy, but meeting the challenge with a positive attitude is key to a successful transition. Learn more about how to adjust to life in a wheelchair in this...

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